Oh, Hello Again!


Well. I haven't been posting anything for the last couple months just because I fell out of motivation. I'm not sure what exactly happened - I just stopped logging in to write and I stopped planning dates for photography. It sounds a bit depressing but I promise, it's not!

I didn't know what to write about and I didn't really have much to share photo-wise. However, I've decided to start up again with a completely new design which will hopefully make me feel a little bit more enthusiastic about starting up.

I don't know what's to come in the next couple months for me and blogging but I definitely want to do something because I really do enjoy it. Please bear with me while I work on new posts and finishing up my design work! I hope there's lots to come in the next couple months.

UMI Waldorf Astoria


My #OOTN (outfit of the night) was a pair of black jeggings (don't judge me, they're comfortable as eff.), a cropped stripy top, an old vintage denim jacket, block shoes from ASOS and finally a canvas bag. It may be a little more on the casual side of things for a fine dining restaurant but I wasn't feeling anything formal for the night.
There are times when I like to plan. And then there are times where I like being spontaneous and this was one of those times. My mum, two aunts and I went off to Waldorf Astoria in Ras Al Khaimah and ate at the Japanese restaurant called UMI. I had eaten there once or twice before so this was my third time and the food and entire atmosphere was completely the same as the previous times, calm and pleasant ambience. 

I did spoil my food experience a bit because I did have a Quarter Pounder at McDonalds' before getting to the restaurant XD! But, wow! It was absolutely amazing - the meat and the sauce was really good. I do recommend giving it a try if you ever find yourself in the area.

ASOS Spring 2015 Wardrobe Essentials


1. Button Front Skirt
2. Heeled Sandals
3. Navy Patterned Jumpsuit
4. Ribbed Short in Stripe Co-ord
5. Off-the-shoulder top
6. Oversized Shirt

Hi lovelies! Today, I'm here posting a 'Spring Wardrobe Essentials' which is basically a compilation of items I really want for Spring 2015. I think Spring is the one of the best times of the years for fashion.

Some of my most favourite Spring time clothing items are definitely floral patterns. Although there isn't lots of floral, there are some touches which I really like. I've also been totally into stripes. I've been unconsciously buying striped clothing and I'm not going to stop because I am really loving the trend.

Interview with Cat from Through A Cat's Eyes


1. Hi Cat, welcome to Iridescent Noire! Can you introduce yourself and your blog for those who haven't heard of you before?
Hello and thank you for having me! I'm Cat; a 17 year-old Scottish blogger, with a slight book-hoarding problem and a real love for 90s boybands and chai lattes. My blog, Through A Cat's Eyes, is my pride and joy.

2. Starting off with a really basic question, when and why did you start blogging? Also, how did you first get into lifestyle blogging? Were you introduced to it? Did you find it by chance?
I started blogging in August 2007. I've had the same blog for the full time and haven't taken any long breaks or hiatuses, but there's been a name-change and I've deleted the old posts (they were really embarrassing...). I got into blogging through my friend Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf. We became friends in 2007 through her blog and I started blogging pretty soon after because she inspired me to give it a go myself. I haven't looked back since!

3. This question is a little random but I'm struggling with finding some really good facial cleansing products, do you recommend any that you use?
The one I've been using recently is Soap & Glory's 'Peaches & Clean' face wash and I really love it. I'm on my second bottle which is quite unusual for me so I guess it must be good! I'd also recommend Garnier's micellar water for a basic, all-round makeup remover and light cleanser.

4. Where do you find inspiration to write blog posts?
Usually conversations I have with friends. For example, I had a conversation with my friend, David, in my friend's kitchen at a house party recently about how we don't have any real problems, as we're living in a first-world country and we're white (typical slightly-drunk conversations...not). It got me thinking about perspective and has inspired me to write a post about it (maybe coming up soon!).

5. How do you actually find time to blog? Basically, I'm just wondering how to balance it out with school, work, etc.
In all honesty, I struggle. I'm in my final year of school and only have 5 official school days left before I stop forever - scary stuff! Uni will undoubtedly make blogging difficult but I've been doing it for long enough to get a good balance and be quite good with my time management. I tend to just blog when inspiration hits and set some time aside for blogging to take a break from school-work. It's all about balance and priorities which really just comes with time.

6. How did you come up with your blog name?
My name's Catriona but friends and family call me Cat. Aaaand, I've always kind of wondered what life looks like to a cat, so my blog name has a bit of a double-meaning.

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My name's Catriona. I'm 17, Scottish and a complete dork who's bedroom is gradually transforming into a library. I spend a lot of time day-dreaming about pretty things.
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